I didn’t really know what to expect when hiring a virtual assistant, but I’ve gained clientele, time back, and knowledge about social media for my business. It takes so much off my plate, and you’ve been doing a fantastic job!

Maeghan P.

I wasn’t familiar with the process of hiring a virtual assistant before this, but it has really challenged me to focus on streamlining my administrative functions! I appreciate the consistent phone calls to keep projects moving forward & on track.

Anthony L.

It was really eye-opening, I am now able to use this system (ClickUp) for both personal use and for professional use. I wasn’t using ClickUps but it’s really helpful to put every task in order!

Myrsini A.

Amber is such a gem when it comes to teaching her skills with others! She was so patient in the ClickUp training and answered all my questions explaining everything thoroughly. Can you please be a coach? 😆

Kianna G.